Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back @ 2013.

This year wasn't the easiest, but it was probably the most life changing year I've ever had.

At the beginning of 2013, I made this list of goals. They were relatively basic and some of them were silly, but I accomplished only 3/10. I didn't learn how to keep sunflowers alive in my garden. I didn't travel out of state. I didn't see Paul McCartney in concert. I'm still afraid of bees.

But I took care of some goals that I didn't even know I had. A lot of them. Big ones.

After nine years, I got an accurate diagnosis for my pain. I learned the difference between letting my endometriosis define me and letting it be part of my identity. I started working with Pre-K students at an amazing school, fell in love with that age group, and finished the Early Childhood Education classes that I needed to teach a class of my own someday.

I was tested for allergies and made a lifestyle change bigger than I ever could have imagined I'd be willing to make. Started an intense diet that eliminated gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and potatoes from my diet. I learned how to make a healthy, hearty smoothie. Fell in love with spinach. Started bike riding and furthered my yoga practice at a studio that feels like home. Started switching over to natural beauty products and even started making products of my own at home.

My brother graduated high school. Three of my friends became mamas. I had my first surgery. Saw three concerts that I'd been praying for. Wished one of my best friends well as she moved to San Francisco. Participated in another 5k. Took two little trips and had a big one fall through.

I realized how much I appreciate my family and Weston's support through my illness when they were all across the country during one of the most painful weeks of my life. It was was the lowest part of my year and a learning experience that I'll never forget. Having to call my neighbor at 5:30 am when I couldn't get out of bed and needed my pain medicine and had nobody else to help me. It was incredibly humbling and slapped me across the face with a renewed and deep appreciation for the way Weston and my family care for an support me throughout my health struggles. I couldn't do it without them.

I also had one of the happiest weekends of my life when Weston and I took a last minute trip to Palm Springs. I felt great, we ate great food, stayed at a great hotel, and I hadn't been so relaxed or happy in months. I smile just thinking about sitting next to the pool during that warm, summer, evening. The best.

This year was a huge one and I feel like it's only the beginning of the huge changes that are bound to come my way in the next few years. It's crazy to think maybe 2013 was just a warm up. :)

And I really don't want to let this year go by without thanking you immensely for reading good ol' Yellow Paper Dress. I was looking back the other day, and in 2012, there were about 40-60 hits per post. Now the average is anywhere from 100-200 and some of the endo posts have hit over 16,000 - that is INSANE. I am continuously honored to get to know you and maybe even inspire you a little bit and hope to be even more present here in the coming year. So again, thank you for reading, saying hello, sending e-mails, and for all the prayers and encouragement you've provided me this year. I hope I can return the favor to you!

Here's to 2014, my friends!
And health, happiness, and optimism all year long!


  1. It makes me so happy to read the progress you've made with your health. It inspires me to make little changes in my own life. Heaven knows I need them! Thanks for sharing with us some details of your beautiful life!

    Happy (early) new year :)

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  3. Have a great 2014 darling. I'm so glad you have the support you need and you keep dreaming high. Atta girl!

  4. Oh, Kelle, I hope the new year brings you and your loved ones such great happiness and health. You truly carry inspiration in your own way, and I'm delighted to have gotten to know you more throughout the year. You will always continue to be in my thoughts, and I am sending many smiles and hugs your way! ♥ ♥

  5. So glad things are getting better, and you're being positive. I like reading your blog. I knew someone from work who had endometriosis and I didnt realize the pain she went through until I read your blog. Hope things get even better in 2014!

  6. I love reading "year in review" posts! So happy I found your blog, a place of constant positivity and light. xx