Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Just a few iPhone photos from the last few months that never made it here.

In October, I attended at least one baby/bridal shower per week. My favorite blog became a book. 
My cousin, Bethany, got married. Wes and I saw Oh Land at the Troubadour. 
Took a class at my yoga studio with a live DJ and almost have my bird of paradise fully extended.
Started riding my pop's old bike a few miles on all the days I don't do yoga. Doc's orders, but quickly becoming my favorite "treatment"!
Saw Fiona Apple at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

And last but not least, had a delicious lunch in Santa Monica with Weston at True Food Kitchen
Doc even gave me the "OK" to have a slice of real cheese!! (heavenlyyyy)


  1. I just started reading Humans of New York. It's so good!

  2. Oh gosh these pictures are amazing!! I love HONY :) Hope you're feeling better soon xo

  3. Honestly, you have a great eye for photos. I can't believe you took these all on an iPhone. Giiiiiirrrrrrll!!!