Sunday, March 3, 2013

sunday morning muffins.

i have honestly spent more time in the kitchen in the last few days than i have in the past few years combined. i've been injured by more "pampered chef" contraptions than i'd care to admit but i managed to burn myself zero times which is a major big deal in this house.

an article was sent to me the other day suggesting that going gluten free might be a good idea for people struggling with endometriosis. at this point, i'll take any extra help i can get, so i'm trying to gradually cut gluten out of my life and just eat healthier in general. i mean, that's always a good idea, right?

so i spent most of saturday grocery shopping and preparing different things for the week so that i don't have the "well i didn't have time, so i stopped at in-n-out" excuse to fall back on. lots of quinoa, ground turkey, fruits and veggies, hummus, chicken, even a jar of my own vegan pesto! (i am extremely proud of this every time i make this, even though it's the easiest thing on the planet. haha it is darn delicious!) 

one of the perks of waking up early every day during the week is that on the weekends, my body wakes itself up around 8 am. this is only an hour later than i wake up every morning for work, but when your body decides it's time to wake up, getting out of bed is a billion times easier than when an alarm clock is all, "wake up, bz. time to start your day."

this morning, i baked some gluten-free blueberry muffins. i felt so domestic, mixing stuff and using my oven. shoot...

the sky was gray and chilly.
so i cracked the window to let some cold air in and enjoyed the gloomy morning.
just toby to keep me company and lay on my feet to keep them warm.

and bonus of all possible bonuses.. the muffins were delicious.


  1. Going gluten free would probably be good for the entire world. But when I think about cutting things like that out of my diet I get so overwhelmed and just think, "Well what CAN I eat??"

    I know it's ridiculous. Preparing food is one of my least favorite things to do. So you're basically a super hero to me.

    1. That's really not ridiculous, I feel the same way but I'm giving it my best shot and so far it hasn't been TOO challenging! But I'm only a couple weeks in, so maybe I'll get back to you later.. haha

  2. I have a really good quinoa recipe. Let me know if you want it! :) -D

  3. i've heard of gluten-free for celiacs but haven't heard of it for endometriosis until now.
    hope it's something that works for you! it seems like a tough thing to do... is it?
    i notice at some restaurants they have the option for gluten free buns but it's extra!
    i always think that's unfair because some people don't have a choice because they can't eat it.
    (i'm assuming it's because it's a more expensive item.)

    1. It hasn't been too difficult so far - I was actually just telling my mom that as long as I keep the house stocked with food I CAN eat, and baking supplies for gluten free treats, I don't get much of a craving for anything with gluten. Except Irish Soda Bread... that is gonna be a challenging thing to skip this year. :/ And you're right - things are kind of pricey! Not a huge fan of that haha

  4. Looks so yummy! Great photos too btw. :)

    Hailey Devine