Monday, March 4, 2013


just a few things i've overheard from the pre-schoolers lately...

"i know that name - barack obama... i think that's my cousin's name."

"is 'shamrock' spanish for 'clover?'"

4-year-old : "miss kelle... someone just said a really bad word."
me : "who was it?"
4-year-old : "it was me! i said crap."

"well, the first president of the united states was probably god."

"i just had a magic pee! that's when you go pee, but it doesn't make a sound. because it's magic."

"miss kelle, you are 22?! how did you grow up so fast?! how did you make your hands so big?!"

4-year-old : "i don't want no juice!"
me : "how would you say that politely?"
4-year-old : "..... i don't want no juice, please?"

"miss kelle, i just found a woodchip from the playground inside my mouth."

-          -          -          -          -

recently, some of the preschoolers have been really interested in marriage.

it started during lunch when one kid accused his friend of saying a bad word.
the word(s) in question turned out to be "i'm going to marry you."

on friday afternoon, one of the little boys was holding a toy pig and saying that it was going to marry the toy mouse
that he held in his other hand.

i told him that animals don't get married - only people!

he came over to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said "i want to marry you. will you marry me?"
i laughed quietly, gave him a hug and said "no thank you, but i will be your teacher!"
when i let go of him he gave me the saddest look i've ever seen and replied, "but i'm a people!"


  1. this is the cutest thing EVER! this is exactly why i want to go into teaching, and why i am not happy unless i am working with kids. one of my favorite recent moments was when one of my kids came up to me and said, "Can I have a pencil. I need to do this crossword." I looked down to see him holding a copy of the SL Tribune. I gave him a pencil and he was off. Not even five minutes later he came back to me giving me the pencil back saying, "Man, crosswords have gotten really hard these days." Hahahaha they always keep you guessing.

    1. Hahaha! Oh man, that is adorable. Kids are the best! Working with children beats working with adults any day of the week. :)

  2. Oh please keep posting these. They are just adorable. That is the greatest thing, but I'm people.

  3. I have discovered my new favorite blog. If you haven't caught my drift yet, it's yours! <3

    1. Thank you so much! Glad to have you here!

  4. These made me laugh so hard! Sounds like your class is so fun.

    Hailey Devine