Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year's in la.

everything was completely booked.
weston and i had all of our plans finalized, tickets bought, and minds made up for a new year's spent in san francisco.
it's funny though, how sometimes the best things happen when initial plans don't work out.

we ended up having to stay closer to home for the holiday, so the night before, we threw together some plans and reservations for a two night getaway to our own backyard - los angeles.

it's easy to take things for granted when they're close by.
but not to worry. my love affair with l.a. has been rekindled.

and sometimes.
even more plans fall through.
and you end up dressed in sparkly clothes, drinking cheap champagne, watching new year's rockin' eve and dancing on your hotel bed... instead of at some trendy lounge, drinking fancy cocktails and what have you.

and sometimes... that's kind of the best.

i'm not saying i want all of my plans to fall through all the time.
but i guess i'm saying that i'm learning to not really mind all that much when they do.


  1. that sounds like an amazing new years! beautiful photos..

  2. sounds like a lot of found, and the last pics i loved them :)

  3. What great perspective! It's all about your attitude isn't it!? Glad you still had a great new year's!

    1. that's true! you're only as happy as you choose to be, right?! ;) thanks!