Sunday, December 30, 2012

an open letter.


if i didn't know you, i would have never eaten kale.
not a bite of it.
and especially not a bowl of it.

i would not spend my saturdays at drumline competitions.
i wouldn't know what paradiddles are.
or how fun it is to play them on a car steering wheel.

i probably still wouldn't understand what's so great about beards.
or realize that duct tape can fix anything. even under my car before a road trip.

i wouldn't associate 'summer' with our favorite spot at the park.
or singing otis redding at the top of my lungs on the car ride home.

i would probably still pronounce "TV" with the emphasis on the V and not the T.
i bet i would have chickened out about accepting that first photography job.
and i might not have ever given radiohead a second chance.

you're everything i hoped and thought you'd be.
when i wished you'd just ask-me-out-already-what-the-heck.

let's be together for lots more years.
you're the best & i love you.

                  '08                                          '09                                          '10                                             '11                                        '12


  1. aww this is so beautiful! You make a gorgeous couple

  2. Beautiful couple! I wish you oceans of happiness!!

    1. thank you so much! weston and i listened to your holiday playlist on christmas and he loved it as much as i did! thank you again for sharing :) it was a perfect soundtrack for our day.

  3. That's adorable. I'm glad you two are happy. :)

  4. oh i am so happy for you! keep this feeling like a precious gift.

  5. confession: i have been sort of hating on every couple in the world right now (single girl problems), but for the first time in who knows how long i was loving instead of hating. this was the cutest letter accompanied by the cutest photos.

    1. oh man, that made my night. :) thanks so much!

  6. this is the most beautiful thing. you guys are the best couple. :') :') :')

    1. aw, thanks so much chriscelle! i forgot to add "if i didn't know you, i wouldn't know chriscelle and my life would suck" to this list but you know it's true. ;)