Friday, December 28, 2012

tunes : because you've got a crush...

my bet is on the holiday season
but something has me in a giddy mood lately and i keep thinking about how fun it is to 'like' someone.

you know what i mean though, right?
the just-starting-out kind of like.

you walk next to each other and you don't hold hands...
but you also make sure that your hands aren't in your pockets. you know.. just in case there's a slight breeze that happens to sway your hand a little closer to that person's and then whoops! somehow your fingers interlace.
'how did that happen?' you say to yourself, as you look around for god knows what - an airplane? sure! gum stuck to a bench? captivating! anything will do, really. as long as you don't have to acknowledge what just magically occurred.

and one day you accidentally slip up and call them '(insert term-of-endearment)'.
or encounter the completely horrifying moment where you almost blurt out your undying love for them but at the last minute save it with a word like cake.
"cake... i love CAKE."
hey, look an airplane...

but having a crush is kind of the bomb.

and it doesn't even have to be a romantic crush to rock your world. which is great.

i've got a mega crush on lena dunham.
i want to bff the hell out of her.
but i know if i ever saw her in person
i'd be far too nervous to even remember my name in an introduction scenario.

it's just the fun innocence of liking someone a whole lot.
and sometimes they know it and sometimes they don't.
but you just really think they're great.

and that's what these songs are about to me.

crush by kelleoh on Grooveshark

who do you have a crush on? am i allowed to ask that?
and what songs remind you of that 'you're amazing and i like you' feeling?

send a tune or two my way!


  1. As awkward as this could end up being, I have a girl crush on you. xD I just think you're very unique and sincere, which you don't find too often! So *cough* yes.

    But also Zooey Deschanel, because how could you not?

    For songs, before my boyfriend and I were together, and I'd sneak wistful glances at him from across the stacks (we met at the library where we both worked), I'd listen to "Notice Me, Horton" from the Seussical soundtrack, "Pig" by Weezer, and "Sleep" by the Dandy Warhols.

    1. i am completely flattered! i can't believe i'm somebody's girl crush! (totally blushing) thanks so much for your kind words! and i love the songs you'd listen to when you first knew your boyfriend. working at a library together sounds like the beginning to an adorable love story. :)

  2. Uhm... I totally have a crush on my wife!!! I'm still feel sparkles in my belly while being with her. My playlist goes from sad uncorresponded-untold crush tunes to joyful and happy ones (plus one little surprise ;) ). I hope you like it.

    PS: I think we all agree that Kelle is a super-duper cool and inspiring person =)

    1. oh man, your wife is a lucky lady! sounds like the two of you have a beautiful relationship. :) and thank you so much for your compliment - made my day! i'm getting ready to head out for school and plan on listening to your playlist on the way. i'm sure it's going to be a good one!

  3. I know what you're talking about with this! The exitement that a crush brings. I will forever have a female crush on Tina Fey. And Ryan Gosling, but that's kind is an unspoken rule with like every female on earth.

    1. tina fey totally rocked the golden globes hosting gig. great girl crush! and yeah, who could resist the gos? dreamboat of the century.

  4. I love your blog. So much!!!!!!!! I love following. Hope to see you on the other end :) That picture is perfect.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream