Wednesday, December 26, 2012

happy christmas.

christmas was a little different this year.
as luck would have it, i woke up on christmas eve not feeling so well.
so my holiday was spent in a bit of a fog and i was disappointed to miss out on a few of my favorite traditions.

where there are valleys, though.. there are peaks.

and although i didn't take many pictures, here are a few things i will always remember about this christmas:

- weston's face on christmas eve when we sat by my tree and he opened up the 'red wing' boots i surprised him with. he always says he doesn't need anything but i wanted to give him something nice and i've never seen him so excited about a gift. plus, he really did need new shoes. so i technically wasn't breaking any rules. ;)

- mom's coffee cake & breakfast casserole on christmas morning. delicious as usual.

- toby getting his head stuck in almost every bag we opened.

- spending a few hours on christmas eve with weston's family. it was the first time i've ever spent that evening anywhere other than my grandpa's house and i couldn't have possibly picked a better group of people to break tradition for.

- my dad, gifting me a handmade, wooden recipe box that smells like pine wood and primer. just like he does!

- my aunt handing out tons of hostess (!!!) goodies to everyone "from santa clause." complete christmas magic.

- playing christmas trivia with my aunts and uncles and 'spoons' with my cousins.

- the 'opening ceremonies' to the amaro clue hunt.

-     -     -     -

i also gave weston's parents a gift i was pretty proud of.

for weeks, weston and i had been sneaking old home movies from their house so that i could secretly convert them all to dvd, label them, and put them in chronological order.

on christmas eve, i gave them the gift. and we sat on the couch and watched a christmas video from 1994. and they were laughing so hard and enjoying it so much. and i felt so glad to have spent the time doing it. :)

we've still got one last 'christmas' to celebrate with my dad's family on saturday, so i'm going to go ahead and extend my holiday movie/music enjoyment to this weekend.

what were the peaks of your christmas?
hope your holiday was lovely. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thought I'd pop in and say hello :) Such a cute space you have here! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sorry you were sick--but it still sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  3. Hope you re feeling better now! Lovely time you had though, right? Merry merry christmas! And thanks for stopping by my blog - I love yours! xx

  4. I'm so sorry you were sick, but it sounds like you still managed to have a great Christmas! I love your traditions. :)

  5. That cake looks delicious (beautiful photograph!). I hope you feel better! xo, Erica

    1. thank you! my mom is an expert when it comes to cake baking - lucky me! :)

  6. Love the VHS to DVD conversion idea! Definitely stealing that idea for next christmas!

  7. I was literally writing in my draft post that Christmas felt different this year, too. I hope you are feeling better, and that your holiday season is going by very nicely! ❤

  8. Aw, still sounds like a lovely holiday. Even though you are sick. Hope you feel better soon! :)

  9. oh my goodnesss your blog is just too adorable.

    definitely following on bloglovin :)

  10. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but it sounds like you had some pretty special moments anyway. I really enjoy spending christmas with other families and experiencing their traditions (I've only done it once in my life but it was fascinating).

    1. yes, i agree! one of my secret wishes is to be invited to someone's hanukkah celebration one day. i'd love to be a part of that because it's something i've never had the privilege of experiencing!

  11. Too bad you were sick, that's no fun. It seems like it's just going around, we have all been sick over the past few weeks as well, no fun. Sounds like you had a great Christmas nonetheless...Have a great New Year!
    The Real McCoy(s)