Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Lieu of Gifts, We'll Take the Pacific.

To make a long story short :
Instead of giving each other Christmas gifts this year, Weston and I decided to use that money on a trip. Due to endo complications, that didn't end up working out. So now, instead of being in San Francisco this weekend, we are at my house watching Netflix. All part of the journey I guess. I am constantly learning to roll with the punches.

After spending Friday, cooped up in the living room with pill bottles and blankets, I insisted that if I felt well enough to get in the car today, we should find somewhere prettier to sit for the afternoon.

And I did! So we did.

And at some point during our little walk down to the water, Weston pointed out that we were looking at the same ocean that touches San Francisco. And he put his arm around my shoulders, gave me a squeeze, smiled, and said "Pretty close!"

So for now, I'm okay with being right here.
It's all about the company. And the Pacific is pretty nice no matter where you see it from.
I'll take it. :)


  1. Agreed; it's all about perspective. :)

  2. Good luck darling, and keep that Boy close. He is a wonderful support system for you, and I'm so glad you two found each other.