Friday, August 9, 2013

Just For Now.

My friend Sami is one of those rare people that turns all the things she wants to do, into things she's actually doing. 
She's been one of my closest friends since high school and as of two days ago, she's officially moved to San Francisco. :( Wahh.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of us went to Newport to celebrate our dream-chasing friend with a little cruise around the harbor.

Sami, Talia, Me, and Jess.
After our joyride, we parked ourselves around a firepit in Huntington and for about 5 minutes, enjoyed a teensy tiny bonfire... 
until it went out and we couldn't revive it for our lives. 

But we made the most of the tiny sparks and sat together sharing memories that we have with Sami
as well as some of the ridiculous things that we remember doing all together.

Sad as I am to have my friend leaving us, I know this isn't the end of our time together.

We're saying goodbye, but it's just for now. :) 
Best of luck at grad school, you little smartypants, Sami. 
Can't wait to hear all your stories.


  1. Aww, Kelle. This is so cool, my relatives and I did the same boating thing when I was in Cali about a year ago. :) Awesome! Wasn't the views amazing?! Good luck to your friend. Indeed we shouldn't stop following our dreams. Here's to the future!

    1. How fun! Yes we had a great time! We had kayaked through that same bay last summer, but obviously we were able to see much more and cover much more ground in the boat. :) I'm glad you were able to do this while you were here!

  2. aw, so bittersweet when friends move away. You want to be happy for them, but you're sad that things will change. I know the feeling!

  3. I've always envied those few ambitious people. Good luck to her!

  4. wow looks like fun! good luck to you friend :)

  5. Love that last photograph! Looks like an amazing day x