Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tunes : vieille ame christmas.

{happy tuesday, friends! 
i'm so excited to share the first ever yellowpaperdress guest post with you, today.
i've mentioned my adorable friend chriscelle before (she is the one responsible for my cute blog layout!) 
in between being a (badass) architecture student who pretty much lives at the studio, she blogs at the lovely vieille ame.
she's got greattttt taste in music so i'm thrilled that she's here to share a few of her favorite christmas tunes
just try not to fall in love with her sweet illustrations, witty humor, and awesome playlist... 
i'm pretty sure it's impossible.}

hi there! i'm chriscelle and i occasionally blog under the name vieille ame. i'm so excited that kelle has asked me to make a guest post on her lovely blog!

there are so many things to like about december : colorful lights, peacoat weather, holiday drinks at starbucks, drunk uncles at christmas parties - but i have to say that my favorite thing about december is being able to listen to christmas music without being judged.

for some reason, the effective date of when christmas music can start being played has become such a sensitive topic. like, can i started playing this N*SYNC christmas album after halloween or do i have to wait until after thanksgiving? ... there is no definite answer, girl! bump that album whenever you feel like it because that album is pure pop gold!

regardless of how you feel about when christmas music can start being played, there is no denying that it's perfectly okay to be listening to it now. actually, i don't think it's okay to not be listening to it now. so when kelle asked if i could put together a christmas playlist for a guest post, i felt very honored and excited... but also very conflicted. like, should i go for jazzy christmas? indie christmas? or a drive-thru records christmas? (so i went for all three)

here are some of my favorite christmas songs, new and old :

may your days be merry and bright!

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  1. I like the song by the Eels! I've never heard them before, but Spotify will change that. :)

    1. Also! I love Something Corporate! And Daphne Loves Derby sounds like Rufio!

      (Sorry for all the exclamation points; music can get me too excited sometimes. xD)

    2. you should listen to 'fresh feeling' by eels - it's my favorite non-christmas song from them! :) glad you like chriscelle's mix!

  2. Oh, this is a fun mix. I'll have to give it a good listen when I get home from work. I love Christmas music. I don't have any rules about when I can listen to it, usually I start getting the urge to play them when December rolls around. :)

  3. This is awesome! And what cute, little graphics! And I think it's SO SWEET that your guy's parents spent thanksgiving with yours. That will probably never be the case for me, but I just love it!!!!!