Monday, December 10, 2012

love notes.

dear flannel sheets,
sorry you had to stay cooped up inside that drawer all spring and summer but i'm so happy that we've been reunited because i'm pretty sure you're the softest and most amazing thing on the planet.

dear anthropologie,
thanks for being so overpriced. because i can never afford anything you sell, so i never leave with buyers remorse. just lots of inspiration for diy projects. and in some way, i love you for that.

dear she & him christmas,
i tried again this year. i really am giving you my best shot because so many others adore you, but i don't get it, you guys. i'm sorry.

dear mom,
thanks for watching 'the holiday' with me last week. mostly i'm thanking you on weston's behalf because  now he's officially off the hook until next christmas.

dear rain,
remember when you starting to fall the other night when i was unable to sleep? not only is it magical to hear your first few drops hit the roof, but you lulled me to sleep minutes later. thank you for that.

dear child family and community final research paper,
you are officially my bitch. A+.

dear disneyland,
i loved seeing your 'snow' the other night! but i couldn't help but wonder if the out-of-state folks find faux snow as incredibly charming as southern californians do. somehow it feels like it wouldn't be as exciting for them.

dear basil,
i'm gonna grow the heck out of you once it's sunny again.

dear parenthood,
i'll go ahead and say netflix hit the nail on the head with this recommendation. super hooked.

dear bank account,
you can kiss whatever is left in you goodbye, because...

san francisco? i'll be seeing you on new years eve. :)


  1. Don't tell anyone because it's one of my biggest secrets.. but I don't really get the She & Him Christmas album either. I'm more of a Michael Buble fan myself. I mean, you really can't beat his Holly Jolly Christmas. :))

    P.S. You tell that Child Family and Community Final research paper! Way to go, friend!!

    1. thank you! i just recorded the michael buble christmas special on tv last night - my mom and i have plans to sip hot coco and watch it tonight. he's too cute! oh, and talented. super talented. ;)

  2. LOL! I'm with you on the 'Dear Anthropologie' tons of pretty things I can't afford, but, hey, I can make that stuff! ;)

    1. haha, YES!! glad we can both appreciate "anthrolopologie inspired" more than an anthropologie price tag. hollaaaa!

  3. Completely agree about "She & Him Christmas." Don't even get it. It isn't...Christmas music.

    The Holiday?? Every time I watch that movie, I think, "This is so cheesy, what am I doing?" Any every time I'm completely taken with it and wish that I lived in a little cottage in England where Jude Law....I mean, my husband, knocks at my door. hahaha. It's so unrealistic but just SO GOOD!

    Coming from a Utahn, the fake snow at Disneyland along with all of the music and magic made me tear up when I saw it. It doesn't have quite the same charm but it's pretty great.

    Last thing - Parenthood. So good. I'm happy to hear someone else gets it.

    1. girl, i was just telling my mom while we watched it "whyyyy do i watch this every year - and WHY AM I CRYING?!) we attributed it to a combination of jude law and his face/accent, kate winslet's monologue about love, and the little old man who lives next door and is totally adorable. ahhh love it. and i'm glad to hear that out of state friends can appreciate the disneyland snow too. :)

  4. OMG i loved your little notes, i love the holiday!, pretty silly movie.

    1. super silly, and super awesome. i don't know how it manages, but it does!! thanks for stopping by!

  5. parenthood is hands down the greatest show on television right now. i cry during every single episode.

  6. These notes are awesome! And thumbs up for flanner sheets! And flannel pyjamas too!

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