Friday, November 30, 2012

tunes : for the holiday season.

i choose not to recognize seasons by scientific standards.
i have my own rules:

when school starts, summer is over.
then we stay in some kind of seasonal limbo until it gets cold enough for scarves and hot chocolate.
which obviously means it is fall.
the day after thanksgiving, it becomes christmastime which means that autumn is over and winter is here.
winter stays until i go back to school for the spring semester. 
and when the spring semester ends, summer starts again.

i mean, it just makes so much sense.

regardless though...
whether it's still fall in your book or if we've made the shift to winter already,
the holiday season is definitely upon us.

here are a few of the christmas tunes that i've been enjoying since thanksgiving.
(okay okay.. maybe a few days before that, too.)

christmas season. by kelleoh on Grooveshark

and yes, hanson did make it onto my playlist again this year.

there's also this silly little number that my puppy toby and i put together last december.
if you can stand the obnoxiousness.

if you liked branches rendition of "o come o come emmanuel"
i highly recommend their christmas album which you can download for free here!

i loved listening to all of your song suggestions from the last playlist!
so let's have 'em, people..

favorite christmas/winter songs on three.

one... two... three!


  1. sufjan is my favorite when it comes to christmas tunes. you neeed to listen to the christmas songs bright eyes does (so many good ones). christmas is coming soon by blitzen trapper, blue christmas by first aid kit, let it snow by a fine frenzy, white christmas by maria taylor, and DEFINITELY last christmas by ohbijou.

  2. oh, yes to sufjan!
    & can we just publish your seasons and make it official?
    i agree and think the same way :)

  3. I'm a fan of putting on the Christmas Pandora station, but these are some of my favs:!/playlist/Christmas/80319669

    1. Oh, and Hanson was my first "favorite" band. I got Middle of Nowhere (the tape!) for Christmas in third grade, and it's my second favorite Christmas present ever (after the first four Harry Potter books, of course).

    2. YES! awesome! i was (who am i kidding - still am) a huge hanson fan. i've got all the albums, the vhs documentary, etc. it's ridiculous in the best way! haha thanks for sending me your playlist! vince guaraldi is a family favorite of ours too! and i'd never heard that last song but i like it! super cute and happy!

    3. It's actually by a wizard rock band, meaning they play songs inspired by the Harry Potter books. Super nerdy, but also super fun!

    4. Also! I really enjoy Vince Guaraldi, too. I have the Charlie Brown Christmas piano book, and while I'm certainly no jazz pianist (I was classically trained), it's still fun to stumble my way through haha.

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    1. i love it all! not kidding you, last christmas my boyfriend and i listened to the spanish christmas pandora station while driving to all the festivities. i love spanish music! jose luis perales sounds a bit like simon and garfunkel, no? thanks for your mix! (oh and mr. hanky almost always makes an appearance at my uncles house on christmas hahaha classic.)

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