Friday, September 14, 2012

love notes.

for my week....

dear kevin,
it was amazing seeing you for the first time in three years and catching up over frozen yogurt. thanks for making me laugh. really, really hard.

dear relatively healthy dinner,
so thankful that everyone in my family actually enjoyed you, andddd that i didn't burn anyone/anything in the process of making you.

dear professor,
thank you for encouraging me to take your class in spite of my inevitable inconsistent class attendance this fall, and promising that you'll be flexible with my absences and help me as much as you can this semester.

dear yoga,
you have been a part of every morning this week. you might be my all-time favorite way to start a day.

dear friends,
thanks for letting me create a reason to get dressed up, for heading out to LA with me, and for dancing until two in the morning. (and indulging in cheeseburgers with me afterwards.)

dear frank ocean,
i know i'm late to the party, but your "channel orange" album is amazing. 

dear cell phone,
thanks for delivering that text from the daycare director that i worked for this summer, letting me know that my favorite student has been asking about me and saying he misses me.  :')

dear dandelion wine,
glad i've been able to read a good chunk of you this week.

dear facebook,
spending three days away from you, instagram, twitter, tumblr, and blogger was very good for me this week. 

dear body,
kudos on running your fastest mile yet. running your longest distance yet. buying an exercise ball. and being generally more active. that 5k is comin'.

dear peanut butter,
pretty sure you were meant to be eaten by the spoon.

dear mom,
thanks so much for gifting me the vsco lightroom package for no reason other than "i just wanted you to be happy."
(my parents NEVER just buy my brother and i things for no reason so this is extremely special. really - thanks, mama.)

dear chriscelle,
the makeover you gave my blog is adorable. thank you a million times. you are perfection.


  1. i've heard that a dandelion wine movie is currently in the works! pretty exciting. sounds like you had an excellent week, and for that i am glad :0)

    p.s. toby is lookin' super handsome

  2. ooo! the avocado pasta is on my to-do list :) glad to know it turns out well.
    i'm always worried that the things i make won't turn out as good hah.

    aw, how kind of your mom! i purchased it too not too long ago and i love it.
    have fun using it!

    good for you on yoga & running!
    for me, running is my least favorite so i hardly do it so i really admire your accomplishments.
    and you've reminded me that i should probably blow up my exercise ball...
    it's been deflated for far too long.

    okay, i just like the things on this list
    and those are just my little comments :)

    p.s. and your blog is just too cute!