Friday, November 23, 2012

thanksgiving turkey trot : my first 5k.

back in august, i started running.
(and by running i mean walking which eventually turned to jogging which eventually became slow running)
i also made a goal (here on the blog) to keep running and complete a 5k.

so excited to say that i did it!

on thanksgiving morning, i woke up bright and early to run in the "turkey trot" with my family, weston's family, sami and jeffrey. i'm so glad i was able to recruit people to join me because it made waking up so early and heading over there a lot easier.

everyone did great! of course weston, mr. half-marathon runner, smoked all of us (and then came back to run the final stretch again with me and sami haha) but everyone in our group was at a different fitness level, which made it really fun and no-pressure.

the important thing is that we finished!
or even that we started!

go us!  :)

  dangit, raptor hands. hahaha.

my body doesn't work correctly in some ways, but it DOES work correctly in so many others.
and that's what i need to focus on. i'm so thankful for that!

yay, turkey trotters!
gobble gobble!

next goal... 10k? 
haaaaaaa.....  ;)


  1. i keep telling myself i'm going to be a runner but it never seems to happen. thank you for being an inspiration! maybe this new years running goal can be one that i accomplish.

  2. That's awesome!! What a great accomplishment. I've done a couple of 5k's, but never ran one fully. I want to, but running is so hard to stick to. Any tips?!

    xo Katie

  3. Yay! I remember when I would get winded just doing a lap around the track. Completing a 5k cen be such a good feeling. I have to try a 10k though. Maybe I should make it a new years resolution.
    Also, I realized I missed a ton of your posts the last 2 weeks because I only had you bookmarked at Work. So i'm your newest Bloglovin follower :)

    1. you're so sweet, thank you! glad to have you! :)