Saturday, August 25, 2012


i went for a run this morning. along english road. passing all the cute horses in the fields.

because every once in a while i get put in a situation where i realize that i'm not in the best shape. i'm just not as active as i used to be, and there's no excuse for that at all, so i'm trying to do something about it.

i also decided to give myself a fitness goal to work towards. i didn't want it to be weight related at all, but instead, just be something that i haven't been in good enough shape to do before. so i decided to try to train for a 5k!

which really sounds like nothing after witnessing weston's half marathon, but considering my personal exercise record, i think this is a great thing to work towards. 

i'm also going to attempt a week without sugar, starting this morning. it's 3:00 pm now and so far, so good...
but my mom is baking chocolate chip cookies as we speak, so i sense a need for strong willpower in my future.

wish me luck, friends.


  1. Oh gosh, good luck with that! But remember, baby steps are better for long term results. :)

    1. you're right! but i thought it might be a fun little challenge. :)