Tuesday, July 17, 2012

weston's half-marathon.

i was planning on sharing the weekend's adventures in chronological order, but since this was the best/most important part of the weekend, i decided to share about the race a little early. :) so here's how it happened:

a few months ago, i woke up to someone incessantly knocking on my front door first thing in the morning. when i dragged my sleepy, pajama-ed self out of bed, down the stairs, and flung the door open, i saw weston standing there. in running clothes. panting.

weston lives about 12 miles away from my house and apparently that morning he just woke up and decided to run those 12 miles to my house. "that sucks you have to run all the way back...." i said. because even when i am still half asleep, i am hilarious. ;)

a few days later, i sent weston a list of all the half-marathons in california this year and encouraged him to pick one and train for it. the next few marathons that were nearby didn't have very many participants, so we decided to make the trip out to davis for their moonlight half-marathon which was on a much bigger scale and seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

weston trained a lot for this and from his first run to my house back in april until now, he's cut his time almost in half! what a stud.


while we waited for weston at the mile mark, i got to reveal the signs that i made on thursday night, which were a big hit with the other spectators, haha. eventually all the runners came through the park. i was too busy cheering and waving my sign to take any pictures of weston or the other participants, but there were tons of them. about 1500 i think? i got lots of 'thank you's and high-fives for my 'see you at the finish line' sign, but the other sign was just to make weston laugh, so i only held it up when he ran by. (but i definitely got a laugh out of him.)  :)

we caught up with weston again at the 7th mile, the 10th mile, and then at the finish line, 13.1 miles later. ah! i can't stop saying it, but i'm SO proud of him! i don't know how these people don't just fall over and lay down once they pass the finish line, but it was really motivating and encouraging seeing them complete the race. makes me want to get my butt out the door for a run around the block every once in a while! sheesh!

so there we go! weston's first race! first of many, i'm so sure.

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