Monday, July 16, 2012

old town sacramento.

hello, again!

well, i'm back home after a weekend up north for weston's race! he did such an amazing job and i couldn't be more proud of him, but since i have so many pictures to share from the weekend and i don't want to overwhelm you (or myself) with everything at once, i'll get to the race details in a later post. :)

i met up with weston and his parents on friday morning and after a long drive up the 5 freeway, we made it to old town sacramento. i hadn't been there since the 4th grade, when my class took a field trip to the state capitol and spent a joyous free-hour afterwards, roaming the streets of old town and hyping ourselves up on barrels of saltwater taffy. everything looked pretty much the same as i remembered it, just a little more run-down than i was expecting, i think.

my dad had requested some sacramento saltwater taffy as a souvenir, so i grabbed him a few pieces in one of the shops. they have SO many flavors - almost like jelly beans! i think the newest flavor i saw in this store was 'maple bacon.' my dad has yet to report back to me about how that one tasted.

after a little more window shopping, we enjoyed a delicious dinner along the sacramento river at rio city cafe. in fact, in spite of the umbrella over our table that kept trying to whack me in the face (haha it really had it out for me, i swear!) i'd say it was pretty perfect.

after dinner, we left the capital and made the short drive to our hotel in davis. it was right on the uc davis campus, which was really beautiful. we were all kind of smitten with that little hippie town.

i didn't pull my camera out much after we left sacramento that day, but our hotel had an awesome bike rental system. no time limit. no cost. just grab a bike and a lock and ride wherever. so amazing! especially since i loveee bike riding but have no bike of my own. (yet... looking at you, linus). so once we got settled into our room, marty, weston, and i rode bikes into downtown davis and had dessert at sugar daddies. 

i love how bike friendly davis is! there were bikes parked everywhere and easy bike lanes to follow on the street... i was a big fan.

also a big fan of sugar daddies. admittedly, i can be kind of a snob about cupcakes, just because my stinkin' mom is so darn talented that i compare cake and frosting quality to hers all the time, but i had a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream and peanut butter filling that was divine. (and apparently, sugar daddies is even better known for it's ice cream! next time...)

good job, davis.  cupcakes and bike lanes. you sure know how to make a girl happy.


  1. Weston's dad looks like he'd own an old timey Italian restaurant that's been in the family for generations. xD

    I'm glad you had a lot of fun!

    1. omg so true! it must be the mustache :) i wish they DID have an italian restaurant in the family... i'm always up for pasta hahaha

  2. i really really love your artistic eye.

    i was talking with a friend earlier about wanting taffy and now i see your photos of it! haha.
    i think your taffy picture is my favorite of this bunch :)