Thursday, July 12, 2012

little notes.

nolan : sorry for always shouting embarrassing things to you when you're on the phone with your girl. i promise it's only because i love you.

toby : thank you for always being so happy to see me when i come home. and for letting me wake you up and drag you into my room in the middle of the night if i ever get nervous about things.

chriscelle : you're probably one of the only people i know who would tolerate me talking about justin bieber like 17 different times in one dinner. i appreciate that.

new carpet : i love how soft you are beneath my bare feet.

mimi : i'm so glad we got a chance to catch up over ginger lemonades yesterday. i'd also like to steal all of your amazingly cute clothes. but i won't, because your birthday is coming up and that wouldn't be very nice.

tuesday night television : even though it is embarrassing beyond belief when people see your lineup on my dvr, i whole-heartedly appreciate you for bringing me three of the best guilty pleasures that tv has to offer. 

and weston : i can't believe you're running your first half marathon this weekend. you always joke about how this is us (of course i'm the boy) but even though i couldn't keep up with your running if i tried, i am so happy to wait for you at the finish line. :) you're just my favorite person. so proud of you.

-     -     -     -     -

leaving in the morning to head up north for weston's race this weekend!
see you when i get back!


  1. You got the job at Anthropologie?!

    1. i wish - they give 40% discounts to employees! but i haven't heard back from them yet :) however, i DID get a job at a school! working with the youngest children in their summer program for the next few months. excited!

    2. Oh, that'd be fun! I used to work in the Youth Services section of a library, and it was always enriching. :)