Thursday, June 28, 2012

a picnic.

i got a sunburn today. 

which is mostly just weird because the only time i spent outside was this afternoon when dalton, robbie, sami and i met at the park for a picnic. and we ate in the shade.

i guess that's how white i am.

i really love picnics. and eating outside in general. and summer in general. 
and great friends. i love them too.

lovely lovely lovely.
even worth a sun-less sunburn.

after our lunch, i cooled down in the house with my brother and introduced him to one of my favorite movies - the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. 

made a quick stop at the hospital for bloodwork (hoping for a higher iron count!) and then got together with lots of my favorite people for a mexican potluck dinner (which was delicious. and made almost entirely by all of the boys. i think most of my girl friends are as hopeless as me in the cooking department) and a few games. 

a great day with great company. 
i love them all. 

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