Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the davis farmer's market.

i can get down with farmer's markets.
i really think they're awesome.

and of all the farmer's markets i've been to (all three of them) the one in davis is the most awesome and legit one, by farrrrrr.

the morning of the race, after a quick breakfast by the pool at the hotel, we rode into town to do some shopping.

the whole market was incredible. so many vendors with literally everything imaginable. of course flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but they also had homemade breads, pastries, cheeses, jams, nuts... you name it, they probably had it.

a lot of the vendors kept offering samples to us as well - it was like hipster costco! all about it.

i ended up buying some really sweet and juicy peaches from one stand, a couple apricots, and a strawberry lemonade popsicle that was amazingly refreshing (and healthy, yay!)

shelley bought some cheese curds (sounded disgusting - but totally not disgusting at all) and a really great loaf of bread, some blueberries, and cinnamon covered almonds. weston was really hesitant to eat anything that might not make him feel well before the race, so while he snacked on his lunch of bread and fruit, we sat on a bench and did some fun people-watching.

mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.

now to find a farmer's market nearby that is as legit....
suggestions, southern californians?


  1. oh you and your super cute face and your super cute top :) farmer's markets are the best!!

    1. tsss, thank you! i loved your teen choice awards dress! i bet nobody could guess how inexpensive it was... :) our next date should be to a farmer's market, eh? eh?

  2. "it was like hipster costco!" -haha, i love this

    1. haha thank you! as i was walking about collecting samples that was all i could think about! it was a dream come true... hahaha