Monday, August 27, 2012

a quick hospital visit.

wound up making a visit to the ER yesterday, which is always a bummer but this trip was a little exciting because they brought an adorable dog around to visit all the ER patients! his name was eragon and he was so big that when he sat down, his head was right at the hospital bed. and he just sat there and let me pet him.. i was only there for a few hours and he brightened up my day immensely so i can only imagine how wonderful animal therapy is for people who have long stays at the hospital. 

look at that smile. 
what a little cutie.


  1. I've thought about going into dog therapy, since my own dogs have helped me tons when I was at my sickest.

    And that dog is ridiculously cute! Is he wearing something on his head, though? Or maybe a backpack?

    1. he had a little hat on! haha it was cute :)