Saturday, October 24, 2015


It started with kindergarten birthday greetings, shouted at 8:30. Playdough shaped like tulips on the table, a colorful banner above my things. Handmade cards and a happy chapel. A mid-morning visit that let us take a break from ten frames in favor of playing with Toby. Freshly baked gluten-free cookies and brownies at snack time from the world's best co-teacher. A cold Starbucks delivery during recess. An armful of flowers as I left our classroom. A breezy, sunny afternoon drive home. Laughing over old home movies with my brother.

Sometimes, bodies aren't aware that there should be a celebration going on so they shut down a little bit. Mine is notorious for this, so I haven't been able to taste any of this beautiful, mom-made cake yet, but hopefully soon! And speaking of being "Grown Up"… I actually acquired another cake last night from two very special realtors, as well as the keys to our newly purchased home! :')

Twenty-four was monumental for sure…
but twenty-five is already one for the books.

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