Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bridal Brunch.

Last Saturday morning, my soon-to-be mother and sister in law TOTALLY outdid themselves and threw the most beautiful bridal shower I've ever been lucky enough to attend. They kept every detail under wraps so when I walked out into the backyard I had no idea what to expect, but everything was more perfect and thoughtful than I could've ever dreamed up on my own. It was enough to bring tears to my eyes!

I've looked forward to this day since the gorgeous invitation arrived in my mailbox a few days after I came home from Atlanta. All through my recovery these past six weeks, we continued to pray that I would feel well enough to enjoy the entire party and even some of the food and thankfully, I was! And I did! One of my favorite personal touches were the quotes from Weston that they framed and placed around the party as decoration. Such a cute idea!

Taryn made these incredible flowers! That girl is too crafty and creative!

 hahaha this made me laugh. Weston hates if I even tell him a kid fell down on the playground! ^
Weston's mom is the mastermind behind these homemade treats. She even whipped up those gluten free apple fritters that were to die for! I'm so thankful she loves experimenting with healthy recipes for me!

She also set up a build-your-own Acai Bowl Bar with lots of toppings to choose from! Such a hit!

After breakfast (and a face-time photo with my San Franciscan virtual guest, Sami) Taryn introduced a trivia game. She asked questions about me (for example: where I'd most like to live, my favorite TV show, etc.) and everyone wrote down what they thought Weston would answer for the question. I would give the actual answer, then they had little video snippets of Weston giving his answers! It was a fun way for some of the guests to learn more about me.. and in some cases, more about Weston and my history! Where our first kiss was, who said "I love you" first (he did, of course!) ;) and it was nice to incorporate Weston into the shower even though he wasn't actually there. So fun! 

See him there on the TV?

My old co-teacher, Beckie, won the trivia game! She had to listen to a looooot of stories during the kids nap time for the two years we shared a classroom. I'm glad it finally paid off for her. ;)

I'm not a shy person but I get really nervous about opening presents in front of people. I know it sounds crazy, but I was almost making myself sick about it the night before the shower! Thankfully, it wasn't as nightmarish as I feared it would be and lots of laughs broke up some of those awkward holding-up-lingerie-in-front-of-Weston's-grandmas moments. hahaha

My friend Tandi gave me two boxes to open. The first box had some cute PJ's from Victoria Secret in them. The second box that had a note reading, "For the nights when you have to… 'Just say no!'" and inside was a star patterned, unicorn, onesie! And while we all died laughing, I have honestly become quite attached to it in these last couple days. It's super soft, Weston thinks it's hilarious, and who doesn't want to take a break from being a grown up in favor of being a unicorn sometimes?!

The last gift was from all the Amaro ladies and I teared up when I opened it to find the bridal headpiece that I've been swooning over for months from BHLDN. It's so special to know that I'll be walking down the aisle wearing something I love that my new family bought for me - so sweet and thoughtful.

As the guests left the shower, they each grabbed one of these incredible cookies made by The Sweetest Couple. I was seriously amazed by how beautiful they were and how perfectly they matched the invitations. Shannon, you're so talented! (She's responsible for the awesome ombre chocolate strawberries too!)

I left the shower feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you so much to Taryn and Shelley for all their thoughtfulness and hard work. And thank you to all the ladies who came and celebrated with me! It's without a doubt, a day I'll never forget.

PS. To see more of my almost-sister's awesome events, you can follow her Facebook page here!


  1. Those sweets are so pretty, and the unicorn onesie just killed me! Baahahahhaa!

  2. Goodness! I think your shower was more elegant than my entire wedding! haha but that's what you are, so it makes complete sense. What wonderful supporters you have!

  3. Love love love love all of the detail your future in laws put into your celebration. Congrats again on getting married girl!