Friday, October 30, 2015

Me Want Cookie.

I started thinking about Halloween pretty early this year. Our school puts on a costume parade each fall and I always try to think of an outfit that will be a) recognizable to 5-year-olds, b) comfortable enough to work in throughout the day, and c) kind of cute.

This year, I dressed up as everyone's favorite, cookie obsessed, Sesame Street monster and I convinced my co-teacher and our assistant to join in on the neighborhood fun by being Elmo and Oscar the Grouch! The kids were really excited to see us this morning and we got lots of compliments on our little costume trio. Not too shabby for a $10 DIY!

I bought a blue t-shirt for $3, two blue feather boas, two styrofoam balls to create the eyes, and some felt to cut out the cookies. I safety pinned the cookies and boa to a skirt I already have and love to wear to work, and hot glued part of the boa and the eyes to a cheap headband. 

Glad to retire my go-to Minnie Mouse outfit this year for something fresh and new. 
Plus, I got to eat as many cookies as I wanted during our class party. ;)

The cookie nails were a hit too. I didn't even think the kids would notice but they pointed them out right when I walked in! So funny what they notice! 

Here's the rest of the crew. ;)

What are you dressing up as this weekend?
Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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