Monday, November 3, 2014


In the last few months, I've caught myself nestled deep in a creative slump. Between all my other priorities and responsibilities, I find myself struggling to come up with content for this blog that didn't come from my iPhone and get clumped into some, large, "catch-up" post about what I've been up to after disappearing for months. What I'm trying to say is : it felt really good to have my camera in hand last weekend and I'm so excited to be sharing these pictures with you… If anyone is still reading this thing… Hello out there!

On Sunday, Weston and I drove out to Oak Glen to spend a brisk, cloudy afternoon exploring the orchards. As a born-and-raised Southern Californian, the slightest glimpse of fall excites the heck out of me, so as soon as red and yellow leaves started making appearances on the trees we drove past, I was pumped. This year, we made it in time to actually see some apples still hanging in the orchards too! Which was a success in comparison to our last apple picking attempt, ha! We browsed around a few different orchards and I even convinced Weston to stalk (get it?!) through an overpriced corn maze with me. Anything in the name of autumn, right?

^ the "my hands are freezing" pose ^

That last picture of me and Weston is proof that if some random mom, struggling to keep her two children from wringing each other's necks offers to take your picture as you walk back to your car…. you should say yes. No matter how awkward it is to smile at her while her boys literally throw each other in the street during a game of those-are-my-apples-no-they-are-mine. Because she may surprise you by taking a pretty good picture! 

Our first, highly anticipated, glimpse of the season has been wonderful. 

My room is always the coldest in our house (not to mention, I'm always the coldest person in our house anyway) and after our day in Oak Glen, I actually pulled my heated blanket out of storage! It is probably my favorite thing during this time of year. I mean, preheated sheets?! Come on! Keeps my little icicle toes warm all night! ;) 

Please, oh please, stay for a while, Fall.
No more heat-waves. I love you so.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! Glad this attempt was more successful for you. It's so funny to me that things are just cooling down for you; almost all of the leaves have already fallen here in Utah!

  2. It's wonderful to see you posting, Kelle :) I've missed you and your incredible photography!
    The apple orchard you went to looks so gorgeous and autumnal, and you and Weston are so sweet together! (Bless you for making that cornstalk pun, I couldn't help but break out into a smile!)
    I know what you mean about always being the coldest person in the house; my hands and feet are at ice-cold temperatures this time of year, but alas, I'm tired of the 90+ degree weather we're having in NOVEMBER!

  3. oh! planning on going there this weekend! glad to see the colors of the leaves have changed :)

  4. Beautiful photos, they capture autumn perfectly!

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