Saturday, November 1, 2014


Scary Movie Night has been a long carried-out tradition in our family. As a child, I remember sitting upstairs with Nolan, watching Ghost Busters or Casper, while much more terrifying scenes played out on the living room TV for the grown-ups.

In recent years, we've taken to hosting a small scary movie night around Halloween in our backyard.
Since the holiday fell on a Friday this year, we decided to wear costumes and enjoyed passing out candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters in between our dinner and festivities.

I dressed as Megan Draper from her Zou Bisou, Bisou scene in Mad Men.
The necklace I wore actually belonged to my grandma back in the 50s! Loved getting to wear it all night.
"Un, deux, trois, quatre!" ;)

We started watching Psycho in our backyard just as some rain started to sprinkle down from the dark, cloudy sky. It actually made the night feel even more cozy and festive! We scrunched together under the patio awning and some umbrellas until the rain finally started falling too hard and we had to get the projector inside. We finished watching the movie in our living room, eating brownies (or in my case, gluten-free pumpkin pizookies, thanks to Weston's mom!) and even though we were warm and toasty inside, I still got chills at the end of that creepy film. Loved it!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I'm totally loving all of the costumes! I surprisingly haven't seen Mad Men, but your outfit is exquisite, my friend.
    While I am not one for scary and suspenseful movies, Hitchcock films are easily my favorites; not to mention that Anthony Perkins's acting is brilliant here!