Monday, September 29, 2014


"Don't talk to me when I'm in my secret lair."

"I like your dress! Please wear it again tomorrow and every day."

"Is that REAL yarn?! Ooooh, I feel excited like a little cat!"

When I walked into the classroom looking exactly the same as the day before...
"Wow.. Miss Kelle O, you look different today. TOTALLY different. But don't worry, I love your new look!"

"She's afraid to go outside cause she'll turn into bacon."

"Rule #1. Don't knock over my block castle. Rule #2. Don't eat cheesecake in my block castle."

"That girl told me I'm her boyfriend."
"What did you say when she told you that?"
"I told her never mind."

"Why is it stinky over here? All I did was fart a little!"

me : "Your outfit is so cute, I love it!"
4-year-old : "Thanks! You can have it when it gets too small for me!"

"Ugh, why did God have to kill all of my dinosaur friends with that stinkin' little asteroid?"

-         -         -         -         -

My intention was not to disappear for so much of September, but… oops!

Without going in to too much detail, these last few weeks have been difficult.
The loss of a loved one, changes at work, my own health - things just felt messy and chaotic for a little while.

Thankfully, things are calming down. My classroom has fallen into a happy, steady routine in the afternoons, which has helped me get to know the children a lot better. They're a funny bunch, aren't they? :) So excited about the rest of our year!

I'm thinking October will be the start of much smoother sailing and happier days.


  1. I'm so sorry that things have been difficult for you lately. You're a beautiful person and deserve all things good, so I'll try sending some positive vibes toward the coast for you! I love it when you share these quotes from the kids in your class haha I die every time. Happy October! (Soon.)

  2. hahahahah! oh my word. these will forever be my favorite posts of all the blogs!