Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prelude to Summer.

Last weekend was happily spent sitting by the pool, sipping margaritas, and enjoying life in Palm Springs.

Highlights of the trip include : scoring majorly at the outlets, seeing a fantastic documentary (while cheating on my endo-diet with a delicious bag of so-worth-the-stomach-ache buttered popcorn), and the night we accidentally ended up at a restaurant filled with people over the age of 80, kicking off their shoes and dancing to music from a live band. Overheard one of them say "10 o'clock? Past my bedtime!" Which honestly.. is something I've been known to say too, but coming from him it was much more charming and adorable.  ;) 

And of course, the time spent lounging/sleeping next to the pool was probably my favorite part of all.

So thankful to have felt well enough to escape for a bit!

Ready for summer and more days like these.
past palm springs trip here.


  1. Sounds like such fun! I love the bit about the bedtime quip :')

    1. They were the sweetest and most fun-loving group. So glad we happened to bump into them! :)

  2. So I put off reading this post because I saw it would be you on vacation and I felt bitter about that. haha nothing to do with you, I'm just SO in need of one! But crazy thing, my husband and I booked a trip to Palm Springs. It was so funny to read this and think, "hey! I'll be there soon!"

    Anyway, you're so lovely. Glad you got to splurge a little on the popcorn :)

    1. That certainly must have made reading this a little less irritating and a little more exciting haha. Hope you guys have a wonderful time!