Friday, April 11, 2014


"Thunder is my favorite kind of cloud."

"Look at my work of art!"

little girl : I got a diary for Christmas!
little boy : Ewww, you got POOP for Christmas!"
(just your average diary/diarrhea confusion)

"Miss Kelle, do you know the Bears Love Stephanies song? You know, from The Jungle Book? 'Look for the… bearrrrr loves Stephanies, the simple bear loves Stephanies…'"

"I'm talking very soft…. like an angel."

teacher : Does anyone know who Abraham Lincoln is?
4-year-old : He's one of the old guys that lives in a big mountain.

"I know the answer, but I'm just going to go ahead and think about it at my house and tell you tomorrow."

teacher : Hey, do you know your mom's name?
4-year-old : Um… I think it's either Honey.. or Babe...

"This picture is for Jill. I have loved her for a billion days! I didn't love her the first day I played with her but then after that I loved her. Her class is on letter U and my class is on letter T, so she can teach me lots of things!"

teacher : Today we're working on our sight word - ON. Turn the light ON, put that ON the table.. Can anyone else find a way to use this word?
4-year-old : LephrechAUN…
-       -       -       -       -

The other day, as soon as I walked in the door, one of my students ran up to me excitedly. "Miss Kelle O! I found a very special paper for you today!" I barely had enough time to put my stuff down before the very special paper (which he had kept in his cubby all day) was forced into my hands.

He waited excitedly, with his hands folded and under his chin, bouncing on his toes slightly while I opened the paper to find that it was an El Pollo Loco receipt. "Do you love it?!" He shouted.

I really do love it, Michael. More than words can say. :)


  1. These are so cute! Hah! Kids are hilarious!

  2. Aw, I love these! Lost it at the "Bears Loves Stephanies" bit :')