Saturday, December 22, 2012

tunes : dear friend christmas.

{good morning, friends!
today we have our second and final guest post of the holiday season.
madison and i have been 'blog friends' for a while. her pictures and posts are some of my favorites to follow! 
she also has great taste in music, which is why i'm so excited for her to share a few of her photos and favorite holiday tunes here with you! 
it's the perfect playlist for last minute gift wrapping... which i am sheepishly taking part in this weekend. enjoy!}

-     -     -

Hello, there! I'm Madison from "Dear Friend," and I'm so glad have been asked to make this post for Kelle and the rest of you here on her blog. 

The Christmas season is upon us and I just love this time of year. During the holidays we have a few traditions. One of them is our Christmas tree. For as long as I can remember we've put up this Christmas tree every year (it's come all the way from the Philippines when my dad first moved to the States!). My dad pulls it out of it's box, places it in it's corner and since all the ornaments have been kept on from the beginning of it's time, this 4-foot tree is an easy set-up!

When I hear certain holiday songs I can't help but think of different memories I have with my friends and family or even movies that a song was in so those were obligatory songs that I had add to my holiday playlist. That's where Mariah Carey comes in (high school, say whaat? - even though it came out way earlier), O Tannenbaum (A Charlie Brown Christmas), Baby, it's Cold Outside (Elf), and Ave Maria (below is Beyonce's version but my uncle likes to sing the original for us when we're all together).

I've been listening to these songs for the past few weeks and they've helped put me in the holiday spirit as I wait for Christmas Day to come.

Hope you enjoy this playlist.
Happy Holidays!
{more holiday tunes herehere.}


  1. Oh, I love that that Norah Jones songs, I've never heard it before. Thank's for sharing! and Merry Christmas to you both!