Monday, June 4, 2012

low key.

this was a quiet weekend.

stayed home on friday and saturday, but in an effort to get out of my house at least once this weekend, i met weston out in orange county yesterday evening and treated him to dinner at native foods as a thank-you for taking care of me on friday. i also attempted to impress him by ordering what can basically just be described as a big bowl of kale (with other assorted veggies) and forcing myself to eat almost all of it until finally giving up and just settling for a peanut butter parfait. maybe one day i will be as healthy of an eater as weston but that day is not today.

after dinner, we decided to stop over at disneyland for a few hours. we just bought annual passes a couple weeks ago and have a goal to go on every ride in both disneyland and california adventure before the year is over. last night the park cleared out pretty early so we knocked out 12 attractions in the short time we were there - including the autopia (which weston had never been on in his 25 years of life.. how is that possible?!)

the night ended even more perfectly when we realized we weren't going to have to pay for parking.

i would call it a success on all levels.

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