Monday, May 28, 2012

the weekend.

my oh my.
it was a lovely preview to summer.

i feel completely rejuvenated after this weekend.
it seems so silly because i did find myself working at least an hour every day, even though i had sworn not to - but not having to worry about class on top of that really made a big difference.

i thrifted for the first time in months.
traveled out to delano to film a little 15 minute documentary for my pop. 
(which ended up being a super great and really rewarding experience - i'll share more about that later) 
made a long overdue trip to ikea.
saw moonrise kingdom after months of anticipation and loved it.
dinner at stout and dessert at the pie hole.
munched on cherries from the claremont farmer's market.
bought the little red toy piano that i've had my eye on for months.
watched 'the sandlot' in the backyard with my family. 
(we bought a movie projector recently - amazing summer purchase! i know we'll be using it constantly)
made smores around the fire pit
(i definitely recommend using cookies and cream bars instead of regular hershey's chocolate.. i tried it at a bonfire a few months ago and i am officially hooked)
and then spent today with friends and family, swimming and eating. 

also... june first is on friday. :) exciting.

goodnight, friends.


  1. oooohhh! I'm glad you liked Moonrise Kingdom! It's on my (very long) list of movies to watch.

    1. yes, it is officially my favorite wes anderson movie! can't wait to see it again :) and if only suzie's dress was my size... haha adorable!

  2. mmm I cannot wait to get my hands on fresh local cherries- I don't think they're in season yet though?

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    1. almost every vendor at the market had them! and the ones i chose are so juicy and amazing... i'm tempted to go back for more next week! delicioussss. :)