Wednesday, May 23, 2012

five days.

this month has been terribly uneventful.
as i'm sure you can tell if you read this thing.

and yesterday, i had probably the worst day of the whole month so far. so after my 3 hour astronomy lab (which was a mess on it's own) i called weston. and somewhere in between telling him about the rejection e-mail i got about a job i'd really been hoping for, and the presentation i had tonight in which my partner didn't show up, the miscalculations during my lab and everything else that went wrong that day.. i started crying.

'i just want to go home,' i said.
but before i could collapse into the drivers seat of my car, i saw him standing there in the parking lot.
and he had brought me dinner.
and he gave me a big hug that i had needed so much.
and we sat out there and had a romantic dinner.
in the school parking lot. eating out of takeout boxes. on the worst day in a while.
and afterwards i felt a lot better.
he's a good man.

this morning, after class, i was set free for an amazing (and much needed) 5 day weekend. and i'm determined to make the most of it because once i'm back in class next week, it's crunch time until finals. and then i start summer school. (and ballet! exciting!)

so for a few hours this afternoon, we ate, swam, and relaxed.
and it was just so wonderful to be away from my work and away from school for a while.

i have a whole weekend to slow down and i'm really excited about it.


  1. wow, I love your swimsuit! I am sorry that you had a crappy day, but yay for the boy bringing you food and love. he sounds like a keeper.

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    1. thank you! the swim suit was pieced together from forever 21 and target. two very affordable pieces! and yes, i think he is pretty great too. :)

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad day, but hopefully your weekend will get you ready for the end of the semester.

    Ballet sounds super exciting! I always wanted to do it when I was younger, but I never asked because I thought I was too fat. :\

    1. thank you! even just this one day off has already worked it's magic on me. :) and oh no! that is so sad about ballet! if you're still interested in it now, you should give it a try! i always wanted to learn when i was younger too, but we couldn't afford lessons. so when i found a beginners class nearby for the summer i signed up and i'm really looking forward to trying it out! you're never too old to learn something new, right? i just hope i can keep up! haha :)

    2. to partyweetow: oh girl.. please... I took ballet in the Philippines for a couple years when I was 12 or 13 and I was fat. What was awesome is I was one of the most flexible people there! hahahha you can do it!

  3. There's a dance studio in the town next to us, but the prices are pretty high. :\ I'm sure Chicago has plenty of options, but it's just a bit too far away (about an hour), and I'm just a bit too broke right now. xD I shall keep looking, though! (Center Stage is one of my guilt-free movies. xD) And I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. I was going to take a dance class this summer... (you know... to get the PE credits for the AA degree -___-) but I decided to take a drawing class and an internship instead hahah

    ballet's fun! hope you'll like it!

    1. thanks, yeah i'm excited about it! and um... drawing/internship sounds right up your alley, girl. you are way too talented! sounds like a fun way to spend your summer! :)

    2. aw thank you! yeah.. I'm pretty excited! and we're moving into the new building during the summer! so i get to help out! :D