Thursday, May 17, 2012

i am going to blog today.

i babysat harper last night and found out that her nickname at school is 'mini van' because "one time we were all running and i was the slowest one so this kid said 'speed it up, mini van! and now my friends call me mini van." then later, she shared a note with me that was from her friend 'coat rack' (because "one time these kids all threw their jackets on her and she looked like a coat rack" - obviously.)

the note said : 

                              hello, miny van. do you need gas because i have a am pm card and when you are there                                        buy me a ice. blue and red please. thank you #1 friend.
                                           coat rack"

i've been spending a lot more time with my old mimi's family recently, which is nice. listening to them talk about the cafe always just reaffirms my decision to leave, but i miss seeing everyone, so it's always a happy time when we get together.

i also went to umamicatessen with michael last weekend and experienced some of the most delicious donuts i've ever eaten. except for the foie gras one... that's just never gonna happen.

still just waiting for june.

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