Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Griffith Observatory.

Due to a lingering cold, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was leave my house. But I have a paper due for my astronomy class this Tuesday and in order to write the paper I had to take a little field trip over to the Griffith Observatory in LA.

I've always wanted to go there and typically I'd be thrilled to be given a reason to check it out, but a bottle of NyQuil and my bed were totally my Friday night priority this week and I was just not so pumped to leave the house, brave the 59 degree cold (shout-out to my Californians! Heyo!) and deal with LA traffic.

I'm happy to admit that once I was there, I totally got into it and had a great time. It was such a beautiful observatory (the most beautiful one I've ever been to - nevermind the fact that it's the only one) and they allow pictures inside! Which made me so very happy. Plus, the view from up there wasn't too hard on the eyes either.

And nowww I'm in bed with a bottle of NyQuil. SCORE.

Special thanks to Weston for forcing me out the door when I wanted nothing more than to drop my astronomy class and marry my pajamas instead, and for joining me on my field trip. He also took that last picture of the observatory - love it!

I'm shooting an outdoor wedding tomorrow and the forecast is rainy. Hopefully this sickness goes easy on me for those 10 hours - it's going to be quite a day!

Looking forward to posting about more fun little things that are coming up this week. Hope all is well with you - whoever you are that reads this ol' thing. :)

Goodnight, friends.

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