Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twenty One

On the afternoon of my twenty-first birthday, I was at home with my family.

My dad showed me how to pop open a bottle of champagne, my mom made me an amazingly beautiful cake, and my brother experienced a very proud moment when his birthday card (complete with a collage of pictures from us growing up) actually made me cry.

My mom bought my favorite flowers and put them in a vase on the table and we sat together and enjoyed an amazing lunch in our little nook.

I just love my family - my beautiful and talented mama, my funny pop, and my sweet little brother.
They knew just how to make my afternoon special.

The evening of my twenty-first birthday, I kicked off the celebration at a nearby Yardhouse restaurant, ordering my first drink - a Strawberry Fields Martini. Because of course my first drink would be inspired by The Beatles! 

My little brother even surprised me with a quick cameo appearance at dinner when he was on his way to the Homecoming Dance. What a cutie!

After dinner, some of us headed over to The Hip Kitty, a jazz and fondue club in downtown Claremont for more drinks. There was a really fun swing band playing and I made friends with the bass player, who coincidentally appreciated a lot of the same music that I do and his roommate played with Pomplamoose's opening act the night before! 

More drinks, some dancing, and the band even sang Happy Birthday to me!
So thankful to everyone who came out last night! I had the most amazing time.
Best birthday yet.

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