Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pomplamoose @ The Troubadour

It is 3:38 am on my 21st birthday and already, this is the best birthday ever.

Tonight, Weston and I headed out to Hollywood to see one of our favorite groups, Pomplamoose. We've been avid followers ever since we stumbled upon their "Hail Maryvideosong on YouTube. In a nutshell: Jack is a musical beast with an incredible amount of passion and energy and Nataly is charming and has one of the loveliest voices I've ever heard.

Therefore, their music is phenomenal.

Before the show, we stopped at Fatburger for dinner.

We hadn't been in a huge rush to get to the Troubadour because neither of us are huge fans of Louis and Genevieve, who were opening for Pomplamoose. But when we arrived, they still had a few songs left in their set and I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would! Genevieve has a great stage presence and I liked their original music a lot better than when I've heard them experiment with song covers.

Then Pomplamoose came out and blew my socks off and stuff. As expected.

I seriously think that this was one of the best shows I've ever been to. The audience was appreciative and  fun, the band sounded amazing, they played all their best songs, and Jack and Nataly were so down to earth. Loved the venue. Loved the vibe. Loved it all.

Even better? At 12:15 am on my birthday, Weston and I met Pomplamoose. And they signed my ticket, 
"Happy 21st! Love, Jack and Nataly."
And I was thrilled.

On a scale of one to illegal, how creepy do you think it would be to crop Weston out of this picture and then send out a Christmas card from "Kelle, Jack, and Nataly - Best Friends Forever" this year?

Be looking for it in the mail.

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