Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cutie Pies.

Today, I baked mini-apple pies all by myself!

Just kidding. But I did get to be a guest chef in Michael's kitchen this morning. We used cupcake tins to make our little pies and I have to say, they turned out just as well as I'd hoped! I guess I shouldn't have had any doubts since Michael is the pie-master, but even though he is a professional and I am just a beginner, he did accept a few of my techniques for the day - singing along to Hanson albums, stopping to take pictures after every step, and dancing around every time something exciting happened.

All of which are completely necessary steps to any successful pie-baking experience.

I swear.

Aren't they the cutest little pies you ever did see?! :)

I have never been very confident in my cooking/baking abilities, but with the huge amount of my friends and family that ARE super talented in that area, I definitely have a lot of great opportunities to learn! And today I was learning from the best.

Well, aside from Ned, the pie-maker from Pushing Daisies.  I'm pretty sure he is the best pie maker of all. Sorry, Michael. ;)

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