Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Before + After // Laundry Room

The first time I viewed pictures of our eventual-home, there was one image that confused me and Weston. Between the dim lighting and the blurriness of the photo, we couldn't figure out what room we were even looking at. While touring the place a few days later with our realtors, we realized we had been looking at a picture of the laundry room and although the picture had been hard to see, it did give a pretty accurate representation of what the room looked like.

It was the most plain looking space in the house. White walls, white tile, very dim lighting… There was a convenient, long, folding counter and some lower cabinet storage on the wall opposite where the washer and dryer would eventually go which was exciting from the start. (You know you're an adult when…)

We were so thankful to have a laundry room and since it was so dark, and unwelcoming, it went towards the top of my decorating to-do list. I started browsing Home Depot for some fun shades of teal pretty much as soon as the guest bathroom's navy paint had dried. I am a woman obsessed.

Once the walls were filled with color and our shelves were hung, this became one of my favorite rooms in the house and let me tell you, a little extra laundry motivation never hurts, friends.

We tried to think of little details that would maximize the room's functionality : Weston hung a rod above the counter for all my hang-dry items, I made a laundry cheat sheet poster for decoration (and obviously to help us because no matter how many times I Google some of those icons, I'm still lost), that little wire basket on the shelf is to toss dryer-lint between loads, and our shoe shelf was made custom by (who else?) my dad! He also made a little drawer on the bottom to store Oliver's leashes and outdoor toys. It was exactly what we had envisioned and hoped for. My sister-in-law, Taryn, made that cute little home frame…  I am surrounded by talented people!

Since our laundry room leads into our garage, it's the first room we see when we come home and the last room we see when we leave. I hung the mail organizer on the wall and wrote a (slightly-modified) line from one of my favorite songs on the chalkboard. Weston and I had that song on repeat all throughout our first few years of dating and I always felt so excited to imagine coming home to "our little place" one day. It's a nice reminder to be thankful for the simple privilege of sharing a home with my best friend after years of patiently waiting for the right timing.

Another room down!


  1. So beautiful! Just came across your blog, and I'm LOVING it!!!


  2. This is such a cheery, uplifting colour for a laundry room. I commented on your blog earlier, but it didn't seem to post so I figured I'd try again. I am curious what colour this is. I've been looking for something just like it but can't seem to find the right shade. Maybe you can help me? I am in love with it!