Saturday, July 23, 2016

Before + After // Navy Walls

Decorating our house has helped me discover a very impulsive part of myself that I didn't know existed. 

One second I'm thinking, "It might be fun to paint our guest bathroom room Navy Blue..." and then I blink and suddenly I'm standing on a ladder, roller in hand and half of the room is finished before I can even think twice about it.

To be honest, it's probably a positive thing because I tend to talk myself out of just about anything if I have more than a couple minutes to amuse the thought… and had I talked myself out of this one, I'd be missing out on one of my favorite color schemes in our house.

Navy + Gold forever.

This picture frame was the final piece that made this room complete and that shower curtain was the first piece that inspired the gold accents and spontaneous afternoon paint job.

Our puppy, Oliver, gets his baths in this tub and once in a while we will hear the shower curtain being pulled back and we'll catch him trying to climb in by himself! He loves water which is still so unexpected and amusing to me after years with Toby, who would go full Cujo if you even suggested water might touch him. However, Oliver's mischievous side comes out whenever he remembers how fun toilet paper is to play with... Occasionally he will grab hold of the end of the toilet paper and run down the hallway with it in his mouth, leaving a literal paper trail behind him. They say puppies his age are in their "teenage years" so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised that he chooses to spend his free time toilet-papering unsuspecting houses.

This is his "Please, mom? Can I have a bath?" face.
(Spoiler alert : it worked.) 

So happy with how this room came together.
Pays to be a little bold sometimes.

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  1. Such a royal color combo and I love how it turned out sooo fine!