Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our Elopement Video.

Two weekends ago, Weston and I got married.

Our elopement-style ceremony was everything we had wanted and then some. Just seven guests in attendance - our parents and siblings. My friend Tristen played acoustic guitar as my mom and dad walked me down the "aisle" and my Uncle Pete said the ceremony for us in a beautiful Malibu forest on November 28th.

We spent the morning of our wedding together as well, which was time with Weston I wouldn't trade for the world and it actually kept me from getting too nervous or anxious. It all felt really normal and natural - we went for a walk through the neighborhood, watched Friends and ate breakfast together, then split up to get ready for the ceremony.

I will share more details and pictures of the day soon, but for now I'll leave this little glimpse here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for the holidays!

All my love,
Mrs. Amaro


  1. Wonderful video! Congratulations! I wish you a fabulous life with your husband!

  2. Ahh!! Mrs. Amaro!! That is so exciting and wonderful and I am so happy for you two! You're such a beautiful and sincere couple and this video was so tastefully put together. Congratulations!!

  3. congratulations girl, all the blessings for you and your love!