Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Married" Christmas.

If there were an Olympics for traditions, I think my family would be in the running for gold. We love them and almost every holiday holds several continued staples that make it feel complete for me. This Christmas was the first that I've ever spent out of the house and although I missed certain aspects of waking up at home with my family I was so happy to start fresh and make some new traditions with Weston in our new house.

Over the span of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we had seven places to be. So before that chaos began, we kicked off our holiday the morning of the 24th at home, just the two of us. 

The night before, I threw together an overnight crockpot breakfast of blueberry french toast so when we woke up the next morning, the kitchen smelled like delicious cinnamon - and shortly after, coffee. 

After breakfast, we sat next to our tree and exchanged gifts. We both gave each other things for the house that we both need, but one of us wanted more than the other. For Weston's gift to me, it was bed accessories - pillows, a duvet cover, a heated blanket, etc. We have come a long way from initially having no bed at all, to having a mattress with sheets on the floor, to now a box spring supported - fully cozy - sleepy time cloud! (It's the little things.)

After I opened my gift, we were both excited to make up our bed with all the fun new additions so we threw everything together and spent a while enjoying the new and improved coziness.

Sometimes I feel impatient about getting our house "done" - fully decorated and full of furniture and cute accessories… But I kind of love these pictures because I know one day I'm going to look back and miss these times when there was no clutter or extra stuff anywhere and we were living with just what we needed. Finished or not, I love this little house so much and making it our own is a fun project. :)

Then we had a little while before we needed to leave for church so we watched A Christmas Story (which apparently Weston had never seen?! 7 Christmases together and I've never made him watch it?!) and took in our last few hours of calm and quiet at home before running around like mad for the next two days.

And even through the hustle of driving place to place on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and even coming down with a fun case of strep throat Christmas night… I really loved every minute. I loved the traditions we were able to keep with our families and I loved the new traditions we started on our own and I really am just so happy to know that this is the start of really wonderful new types of holidays together.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

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  1. i absolutely love this! this was my first married Christmas, and there is just something so wonderful and magical waking up next to the person you love Christmas morning. i have loved continuing our families traditions, and adding traditions of our own. i truly just loved this Christmas! we started the four gift tradition this year, and i am excited to continue it throughout our life! it was perfect for us! also, i LOVE your tv stand!!! where did you get it?