Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We're Getting Married!

I always thought that I would know when to expect a proposal.

Not that Weston isn't good at surprises, but because I am so good at figuring things out. ;) I guess I just assumed something would be out of the ordinary - he'd be nervous, or he'd plan something special for us to do that would tip me off, or he'd be extra affectionate that day..

Well, we are engaged! And I was 100% completely blindsided.

Weston picked me up for our favorite kind of Sunday morning - brunch in Downtown Claremont, followed by a stroll through my go-to farmers market. We chatted over champagne cocktails at breakfast and afterward, Weston offered his arm to me and we walked through the market, sampling food from different vendors and purchasing some fruit.. and of course, sunflowers too.

The streets downtown and near the Claremont colleges are notoriously pretty. Gorgeous old houses, little white fences, brick buildings, and big trees that hang over the streets. We were making our way back to the car when I asked Weston if he'd take a picture of me with my flowers. He was strangely compliant and actually suggested that we find a really pretty place to take the photo! So we wandered a few streets over, where nobody else was walking, to take a few pictures before heading home.

I asked if we could take a photo together and was trying to gather the rest of our market loot to display in our picture ("just let me grab the cherries really quick…") when I heard him say from behind me, "I have something a little bit better…"

I turned around to see the small box in his hand.

He shared a few sweet words with me before asking me the big question and my answer, of course, you already know.
I hugged him for a few minutes (lots of shocked "oh my gosh"-es) before he laughingly reminded me, "Don't you want to see the ring?"

While we drove to my house afterward, to celebrate with my family, Weston turned on my favorite song which I always listen to on my happiest and most monumental days and that's when it hit me and I suddenly started crying. And not to totally rat anyone out, buttttt let's just say I wasn't crying alone… ;)

Weston had spoken to my parents about his plans the day before, so when we arrived at the house my brother met us at the door, champagne in hand. My parents were blasting Marry You on our living room stereo and having a family dance party that the Bravermans would be proud of.

A little while later, we headed over to Weston's house, where his family was having a little get-together and we got to share our news with all of them in person. My family joined us shortly after and we spent the rest of the perfect afternoon celebrating with the people we love most.

Thank you so much to everyone who has congratulated us and sent us well wishes these last few days.
We feel very lucky to have so much support and love in our corner as we plan our lives together! xo


  1. This makes me SO HAPPY!! I live in Utah, and people here do proposals in such a ridiculous manner. Scavenger hunts, carriage rides, etc. It all just seems so awkward and obvious to me. I love this story. It seems so much more natural and intimate. Congratulations you beautiful people!

    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree, this is much more up my alley than the whole big, public proposal scenario. Love that it was just us and now every trip to the market will bring up the best memories. :) Thanks again!

  2. Oh my GOSH! I had my face in my hands and a smile that grew as I read through your post. The way you described this dear moment between you and Weston is sincerely too beautiful for words. Congratulations to you both!! I am just bursting with happiness for you two! ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I love that he knew to play The Beatles on our way home… I know you can appreciate that too. ;)

  3. Congratulations! What a wonderful moment captured in your post. You two make a gorgeous couple! Best wishes on this new leg of your journey together! :D

  4. This proposal was simply beautiful and perfect, congratulations girl!

  5. how cute this totally made my tear up! Congrat's to you :)