Monday, December 8, 2014

Lake Tahoe : Part II

On our last morning in Tahoe, we ventured into the State Parks to get a closer look at the lake. Our internet searching and people inquiring led us to Emerald Bay. There was a breathtaking view from the top of the mountain and after a short but steep one mile hike, we found ourselves on the beach.

Apparently, this place is a hotspot during the summertime, but we were two of the three people on the shore that morning. It was probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Just so vibrant and peaceful. The water was incredibly clear and tempting, but way too freezing to even dip my toes in! 

That island is the only one in Lake Tahoe. Out there is a "teahouse" which was constructed by the owner of the Vikingsholm Castle in the late 1920s. Occasionally she and her guests would take a boat over to the island and drink tea next to a fireplace inside the stone structure. You can't get to the island or the teahouse, but the "castle" still sits in great condition just feet away from the shoreline. Talk about a dream home...

It was the perfect way to end our trip.

When I am overwhelmed or feeling a lot of pain, I try to breathe and as cliche as it sounds, imagine myself in a calm and happy place. Usually when I meditate, I imagine myself in the ocean and every inhale, I imagine the waves lifting me in the water so my toes can't touch the sand, and then exhaling brings me back to the ground. But this week, I've been falling back into this moment as much as I can. It was pure bliss.

If you ever want to use this place when you're overwhelmed, please do! 

"Okay fine, use my happy place. 
I'm just gonna have to ask that you don't move anything…"  ;)


  1. We don't know each other (but we also follow each other on instagram) but I think you're so cool and maybe someday I can tag along with you in one of your adventures! :D

    1. I would love that! We definitely need to make this happen. We should explore LA together one of these days. :)

    2. Sounds great! But I'm starting school soon. Maybe this coming summer is better :)
      Ps. Sorry Just saw this comment.

  2. Wow! Lake Tahoe is really something. I've never really been there, but after reading your posts, I'm itching to go! While I've been in snow before, seeing it fall down from the sky is something I have yet to experience! So glad you and Weston had a fantastic time there ♥