Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Sur : Part II

After our first day in Big Sur with all the hiking and adventuring, my body was pretty beat. So the next day, rather than go back up into the State Parks or do much more walking, we decided to spend the morning at Sand Dollar Beach (seriously lacking in sand dollars, by the way). We parked along the main road and wandered through some grassy fields that led us to this little dirt trail. Which led us to some stairs. Which led us to the beach.

And there we sat, on soft warm sand, enjoying blue skies, foamy waves, and what was practically an entire beach to ourselves. 

The beach kind of reminded me of some scenes from Lost! With the big green cliffs overlooking the ocean.

After the beach, we started the trip home. We stopped in San Luis Obispo along the way so I could take Weston to High Street Deli, where a friend of mine took me a few years ago and I ate what I still consider to be the best sandwich of my life. Thankfully, Weston loved it just as much! We made another brief stop in Santa Barbara, then finished the final stretch and made it home. 

I am so thankful for this trip and these pictures and these memories. 
And obviously super thankful for my travel partner.
Can't wait to visit Big Sur again someday.


  1. We fell I love with Big Sur last summer and can't wait to return, these pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. Gorgeous pics! Makes me wish I was in sunny CA instead of rainy IL!

  3. You and your pictures are beautiful!