Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Sur : Part I

Last Friday morning, Weston and I took off to spend a brief two days up north in Big Sur. We have attempted many road trips over the last few years, so to make it all the way to our destination, stay the whole (albeit short) trip, and return home without any huge catastrophes to speak of… is a pretty giant accomplishment.

Since I am a beach lover and Weston is a mountain lover, Big Sur couldn't have been a more perfect place for us to visit.
It is a flawless blend of the two locations that we usually have to decide between!

Here's a peek at our first day.


  1. Finishing a whole trip is huge! Good job! I hope your good days are outweighing the bad ones! :D

  2. Gorgeous photos, Kelle! Glad you were able to make the trip! :)

  3. I just really admire the way you seem to make life an adventure for yourself. This place looks AMAZING!