Saturday, March 8, 2014


It was one year ago that I read an article about this woman's experience with endometriosis. It inspired me so much that after 9 years, I felt brave enough (even sort of obligated) to start talking about my condition with my friends, family, and even some strangers on the internet. I was more nervous than you'd believe, and the draft to that first post sat in my queue for days until my family and Weston had pushed me enough that I clicked publish.

What has happened since then has been an enormous outpouring of love, support, and a longing to understand better. I've connected with endosisters around the world, sharing a bond that is unique, strong, and paired with a remarkable kind of instant respect for one another.

After that first post, I continued to share parts of my story along with information about endometriosis that I hope will be common knowledge one day. And so far, it seems for the most part, that people understand why I share what I do. They know it's not for attention or pity. It's because there isn't enough information out there. Because not a lot of people know about it until they've already been suffering from it for years of their life. Because even once you know, it's not a glamorous thing to talk about. But I want to educate people. Give them information from an insider's perspective. Give them the knowledge to suggest to a friend or family member, "Hey, actually, those symptoms you're describing sound a little bit like endometriosis. Have you ever heard of that?"

I want to be a voice in this growing conversation. 
And there's an easy chance for you to join in too!

On Monday, March 10th, please consider adding a pop of yellow to your outfit. Then take a picture of yourself in your yellow and share it on social media (or even just with your friends and family) along with this information :

- March is Endometriosis Awareness Month
- 10% of women worldwide suffer from Endometriosis
- It takes an average of 10 years for these women to receive an accurate diagnosis
- It causes chronic pain and is a leading cause of infertility

There have been a lot of times people have asked "What can I do to help?" and there's never usually anything they can do. This is something you can do. Start a conversation. Get the information out there. 

Also, please e-mail me a picture of you in your yellow so I can see your beautiful face!

Have a happy, happy weekend.
Let's all go #yellowforendo!

Ps. I had chosen March 10th as the day for yellow because it's 10% of women and a 10 year average.. 
As I just went back to link my first post about Endo, I saw that it was written on March 10th last year! Goosebumps! Meant to be. :)


  1. Your strength is inspiring Kelle

  2. Thank you so much for writing about your experience with Endometriosis. Reading your blog inspired me to finally write about my experience, too, 10 years later! Here is some of my story and I mentioned your blog in the piece:

    Thank you for your bravery and your willingness to share your important stories with others!

    1. I LOVE the article! You are amazingly brave to share your story and I'm so honored to be included in your piece. Excellently written and perfectly emotional and informative. Thank you for raising awareness through your experiences!