Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family Field Trip.

My mom and dad have lived in California their entire lives, but there's an alarming number of local gems that they've yet to experience. My brother and I are always talking about how we need to remedy that and yesterday, we got them out of their little corner of the neighborhood to spend an afternoon at one of my favorite places in LA, The Griffith Observatory. Neither of them had ever been!

We made it just in time to watch the sun set before we toured the different exhibits inside and my brother and I shared tidbits of knowledge that we've picked up from college astronomy classes. Our parents (and Nicole, my brother's girlfriend) were so impressed. ;)

You just can't beat that view.
(here's a post from a nighttime visit!)

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
Hope you're having a happy Sunday! 

Ps. Thank you for the well wishes on the endo-update post! I'm currently just taking things a day (sometimes an hour) at a time.
But thankfully, for now, things seem to be continuously improving and I'm on a mission to fully enjoy it while it lasts!
We saw the new doctor last Thursday and were a little discouraged, but I still plan on giving her suggestions a try.
It's easy to get overwhelmed, but making the most of the good moments and relying on the people who love me makes it a much easier journey.
 Thank you again! xoxo


  1. That would be such a neat thing to see! I know there's an observatory in the Hancock center in Chicago, but that's over an hour away. There's also a planetarium (which is one of my favorite places in Chicago), but again, it's kinda far. Not for weeknight trips.

    Also, I love that picture of your parents.

    I'm glad you're making the most of your good days, and I hope you can find some long-term relief soon. <3

  2. What an amazing view, and I love the mood of the photos!
    Glad you are able to have these lovely movements in between your terrible tummy times.
    Sarah xx

  3. Beautiful, moving photographs. I Love the story you constructed :)

  4. These photos are so so stunning. You have an eye for these things darling!