Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scratchy Throat (& Tea).

Third week of school and I'm already feeling the beginnings of my obligatory, semi-annual, "working-with-children cold".

As much as we talk to the kids about germs, promote hand washing, and avoid touching our faces..
it seems like there's no avoiding it a couple times a year.

I really try not to take medicine when it's not an absolute necessity. I figure I've had to take enough of that stuff over the last few years, and nowadays, I turn to natural remedies whenever possible.

This afternoon, I turned to a cup of  Throat Coat. Add a teaspoon of honey and you've got yourself the only cup of tea I'll willingly drink. I know tea is cute and poetic and stuff, but I just really don't have a taste for it, hard as I've tried. This stuff is delicious, though, and almost instantly soothes a scratchy throat which makes it even more worth drinking.

Do you have any other home-remedies to suggest for the common cold?
Stay healthy and have a beautiful rest of your week! :)


  1. I've tried to like tea, too, but just can't. I love hot water with lemon and honey though.

  2. my mama always gave me hot ginger tea. she sliced up raw ginger and boiled them and added a bit of honey. my husband and i like to just drink it during cold winter months :)

  3. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I just drink more water, and take some vitamin C. Nothing too special, but it definitely helps to get some vitamins in you!

  4. get well soon.
    the best thing for cold is hot elderberry juice. my mom used to give it to me when i was little and i still drink it whenever i have a cold or feel like i am getting one. i also like hot milk with honey. i know it sounds gross to some people but i think it's delicious and it helps.

    1. PS: hot lemonade/limeade is another thing i like to drink during cold season.

  5. Yo don't like tea??! Funny! I love it but it is NOT a substitute for morning coffee or cold treatment. I agree that Hot lemonade with honey is the best for that. Have you tried other infusions like camomile, tilo or red fruits infusions? the taste and smell are very different from each other and from tea, plus they might help you to relax and sleep because, unlike tea, they don't contain any caffein as far as I know (though caffein is good for cold, isn't it?).

    Get well soon!

    PS: Also, when I'm about to catch a cold, I drink copious amounts of fresh orange juice. But I let you now that my lady wife (which is a physician) says that it doesn't help at all and that it is just a way to justify getting deeper into my addiction for orange juice.

  6. I'm one of those people who just wait it out. I don't get sick that often (surprisingly, because I take a medication that suppresses my immune system), and so when I do, I just take it easy, eat soup and crackers, go through a bag of cough drops, and use it as an excuse to rewatch Harry Potter. xD

    I hope you're better soon!

  7. I'd like you to get better and I'd also like you to explain how tea is "cute and poetic." That's a first. Can't live without it!

  8. Wow! I definitely imagined you to be the tea-drinking type. (: But I'll have to try this out! I can't stand sore throats, and we never have the medicine for it.

  9. i've found that drinking the juice of one lemon (with nothing added to it) a couple of times a day kicks a sore throat in the butt :)

  10. throat coat is my most favorite! with marshmallow root and liquorice -- so good for the soul!

  11. oh my goodness i remember throat coat from my days in high school choir! i always thought it was foul... but maybe they've made it yummier now? hope you start feeling better soon!